This jacket is more structured with shoulder pads, yet it is more neatly tailored without sacrificing lightness and softness. The shapely waist creates a proportion that is both supple and proportionate. It may be close to the image of clothes tailored by a sartoria in Milan.


This jacket has only one dart on the front, which was originally two darts, a specification found in Florentine sartorial clothing, and the natural shape of the jacket provides a soft atmosphere. The shoulders are slightly wider, creating a relaxed, natural elegance.

こちらのジャケットはダーツが前身頃の裾まで貫かれています。これは主にナポリのサルトリアの服に多く見られる仕様ですが、そうすることで腰周りをすっきりさせられ、細身に仕立てられます。サルトリア ルコルトでは肩はコンパクトにせず胸周りをさりげなく強調し、美しい逆三角形のシルエットを生み出しています。

This jacket has darts running all the way down to the hem of the front. This is mainly seen in Neapolitan tailors, but it allows for a slimmer, more slender fit around the waist. In Sartoria Lucolt, the shoulders are not compact and the chest is subtly emphasized, creating a beautiful inverted triangular silhouette.